“Because I said so.” How often do we use this phrase to wriggle ourselves from a complex explanation with our children? How many times have this cop-out come back to bite us? Not much different from the way academia ‘instructs’ learners in classroom of facts. Instead of leading discussions into the discovery of facts, learners are rarely encouraged to use imagination in their pursuit of knowledge.

Albert Einstein, the twentieth century’s most celebrated physicist, proclaimed that known science (logic) is merely sufficient. Going beyond that requires IMAGINATION. Say what?! Enough to seriously rethink what, and how, our children are taught at school.

The Waldorf School’s equal focus on thinking, feeling and will results in a balanced child. And we all want to raise children with healthy self-esteem and a balanced outlook on life. Moreover, free (-spirited) thinking cultivates a life-long love for learning, exploration and doing something new.

Our core educational philosophy not only prepares a learner for a life as a rocket scientist, rock star, or rally driver. If he, or she, so chooses, we actually equip the same learner to be all three.

If you share our vision of giving children’s imagination wings, contact The Waldorf School, in the east of Pretoria, at (012) 802 1175.

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