The second year of primary school at The Waldorf School can be described as the year of ‘duality’. This is the year where the child will retain that childlike angelic quality that requires a strong role model and at the same time their natural abilities will grow and become noticeable, encouraging them to explore their hidden talents.

These opposites are first met through the two types of stories told in the year. The first kind are fables where animals personify a human quality: either virtue or vice. While the other stories are those of the saints and legends where the child is exposed to great men and women who epitomise the highest and most noble of all human traits: love, wisdom and courage.

Literacy developed through beautiful handwriting

In Literacy the child will first learn the small alphabet letters and through form drawing and patterns will then start to write in cursive writing. A great deal of attention and focus is placed on developing a beautiful handwriting. It is through writing down sentences and creating their own readers that Class Two is exposed to the hidden ability to read which will be strengthened daily through the recitation of poems, riddles and tongue twisters. This is also used to practise phonetic awareness and clarity of speech.

Maths: solutions sought in stories

The Maths learned in Class One follows the child, and their core academic skills are strengthened in Class Two. They still work with the four processes and multiplication and division are given time to shine. There is daily singing and reciting of the Times’ Tables and soon the child will recite these tables by heart. They are exposed to problem solving and story sums which not only strengthens their logical and creative skills, but also helps with their reading.

Developing an appreciation for nature

One of the highlights of this year is the nature studies block. The fables expose the children to different animals and using this as a theme, the children walk around the farm and spot the many creatures – big and small – that we have on our property. Every animal seen is then discussed and drawn, therefore increasing their knowledge on the animal kingdom.

Bringing it all together

The animal theme continues into handwork where they will work on creating animals made out of knitted squares. Clay work is introduced this year and by using their skill to draw an object from a whole shape, they are encouraged to create an animal from a solid ball of clay without breaking it into pieces. This will work on their finger dexterity as the child needs to pinch and pull the clay to create the desired shape.

Class Two sees the child becoming more grounded in their development and more focused on their learning. They enter each day full of wonderful enthusiasm and delight in discovering all the new skills they can achieve.

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