Autumn Aura

The first term of school rushed by like a Japanese bullet train.
Our children, especially the class 1s, have settled in well and are eagerly coming to school, learning new and exciting things every day. (Please read the blog, The three Rs, below.)
With all the new facilities available at school, the children now have a choice of exciting activities to pursue in the afternoons. (Please see the new extra-curricular timetable.)


  • School closes this coming Friday, 23 March at 13:45.
  • School opens for the second term on Tuesday, 17 April. Boarders are welcome to check into the hostel between 17:00 and 19:00 on Monday, 16 April, or before school on the 17th. The buses will resume their usual routes from Tuesday morning, 17 April.
  • We have an exciting Holiday Club programme on offer during the Easter break. Please see the advertisement at the bottom of the newsletter for details, and book you child’s spot with Thea in the school office.
  • Boarders are reminded to bring extra blankets and warmer clothes to school when school opens again for the second term.
  • The class 9s will receive their first term reports on Friday, 20 April.
  • Save the date: Walking with Waldorf Saturday, 12 May. This event will replace our annual Fun Day this year and we expect all our learners and parents to attend. We are very excited: learners and their parents from the four other Waldorf schools in the north, will also be participating in this event. A letter with more details will go home towards the end of the week.
  • Recorders (R150 each) and fountain pens (R150) are available from Linda in the school office.
  • There are still some school branded t-shirts, golf shirts and fleece jackets left. Please contact Thea in the school office regarding colour and size options available. We are in the process of ordering new stock and will let you know once the order has arrived.
  • Please LIKE and FOLLOW ‘The Waldorf School’ and ‘The Kindergarten’ on Facebook and Instagram for interesting posts, beautiful images taken during regular school days and to stay informed of activities at school. SHARE our posts to help create more awareness of Waldorf education amongst your friends, and in South Africa.
  • Please keep the school office informed if any of your contact details change during the course of the year.

Our General Parents’ Meeting took place on Wednesday, 28 February and we would like to thank all the parents who showed up and for the positive feedback we received during, and after the meeting. We are looking forward to building a stronger learner-parent-school community this year, cohesive in the knowledge that it is in the best interest of our children to strengthen this bond. The first step, as always, is to stay in touch with your child’s class teacher, closely followed by showing up for all your child’s school events, thus illustrating your support and encouragement to your child.

Take a well-deserved rest during the coming Easter holiday, and travel safe wherever you and your family may go. We look forward to Autumn, and welcoming everyone back for the second term.