In today’s times, however, it’s not child’s play.

Sounds like a contradiction. Nowadays children spend more time in classrooms, on sports fields, in dance and music classes, busy with activities parents think help shape a more successful future. Yet, we deprive them of what they naturally excel at: PLAY!

We hold play in very high regard at The Waldorf School, east of Pretoria. Our toddlers in The Kindergarten learn by PLAYING and imitating, not with formal academic instruction. The grade learners still have two generous break times. They spend ample time outside the classroom roaming, exploring, and in effect, learning by playing.

Learners finish their work during school hours and have very little (if any) homework. This leaves afternoons mostly free to do their ‘job’ to the best of their ability. Instead of being stuck helping with homework until late at night, parents can discuss the school day with their children .

Formal tests and exams are only introduced in high school. Being intimately involved in every aspect of our learners’ development and assessing them daily, our teachers avoid the unnecessary stress of rigorous testing.

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