When we try and keep all the balls (work, shopping, school, traveling, cooking, homework, etc.) in the air, T-I-M-E is the one thing we never seem to have enough of.

The classic picture of the typical family has changed so much over the last couple of generations. It seldom consists of a father, mother, brother and sister anymore. Nowadays we have many more single parents, second marriages with mine, yours and ours, or family acting as guardians. Sometimes, despite our best efforts as parents, we just run out of resources. The support network that previous generations could fall back on, have all but disappeared.

Home away from home

The Waldorf School’s hostel, on Rosemary Hill Farm in the east of Pretoria, provides children with a home-away-from-home environment.

Our boarders are housed in a homestead-like house. Our dedicated and experienced hostel ‘father’ and ‘mother’ have created a homely and safe haven for our children. Here they feel comfortable in knowing that they have ready access  to someone that will listen to them. The children can play and explore supervised to their hearts’ content, going to bed at night tired, but happy. Mama Jane and her team of kitchen wizards prepare three fresh, hearty meals a day. We use organic vegetables grown on the farm, keeping bellies full and cheeks plump and rosy.

With your children entrusted in a wholesome environment during the week, you have no need for guilt and nothing but T-I-M-E on your hands with your children over weekends.

For more information about our boarding facilities, or a tour of our beautiful school, contact The Waldorf School at (012) 802 1175.

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