From the moment a baby returns a mother’s smile for the first time, a child understands this simple truth. A mother responds with pure joy and the baby learns the most elementary of social principals. Children come into this world with unadulterated joie de vivre and going to school should not take this away from a child.

As parents it is our responsibility to raise happy, healthy and balanced children to send out into the world.

If a teacher teaches with joy, a child enjoys learning. At The Waldorf School our children live this by their teachers’ example: being loving, good and kind to one another, and one self. Our learners truly love to learn and to go to school. The Waldorf School, located on Rosemary Hill Farm in the east of Pretoria, boasts beautiful scenery. Our learners are privileged  to spend time in nature every day. This further instills an atmosphere of happiness, health and balance.

In the words of Frederick Douglass: “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

If you share our vision of raising happy, healthy and balanced children and would like a tour of our beautiful school, contact The Waldorf School at (012) 802 1175.

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